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Unique ULTRA COLD Therapy 2=3!

yliklmThe concept of the extreme cryotherapy used at ESTONIA Medical Spa & Hotel originates from Japan, where people started practising cryotherapy in 1980. We offer unique cryotherapy where procedures are performed in a special-purpose cold-chamber. Procedures are performed at extremely low temperatures (-100°C to -120°C) and last from 1.5 to 4 minutes.

Cryotherapy is very effective against pain and inflammation and it improves joint functions. Extremely low temperature also helps to improve joint performance as well as the amplitude and speed of movement. We recommend cryotherapy as a unique and effective procedure for treatment of rheumatic and inflammatory joint diseases and rheumatic diseases of the spine and soft tissue.

Price: 19 € 

Special offer

  • Pay 2, get 3 – three cryogenic chamber therapies for the price of two
  • For retired people pay 2, get 4 -four cryogenic chamber therapies for the price of two

Cryotherapy takes place on following dates:

  • 23.07 – 05.08.2018
  • 24.09 – 07.10.2018
  • 26.11 – 09.12.2018

The treatment starts:

  • On Monday at 13:30
  • On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10:30

Additional information and booking: e-mail, tel 00372 447 6905

Estonia 3Cryogenic chamber therapy or cryo sauna uses extremely low temperatures (from -100 to -120 °C) for periods of 1.5-3 minutes. In cryo sauna, characteristic skin temperature changes take place in a short period of time: during the procedure, skin temperature drops from the normal 32–34 degrees to just 2–4 degrees, then rises briefly after the procedure to 37 degrees before normalising. This reaction results in a cascade of biochemical processes – blood circulation becomes more efficient, the metabolism is intensified, production of so-called ‘happiness hormones’ and other body-specific stimulants is increased, the immune system
is activated and pain is reduced. These positive reactions last for 1.5–3 hours after the procedure. Biochemical processes consume a lot of energy, which explains why the cryo sauna causes a loss of fat tissue.

Following cryotherapy the patient’s skin is more toned, muscle and joint pain has been relieved, joint mobility has improved, fatigue has passed and the body replaced with energy because of the aforementioned processes. When it comes to effects on the immune system, those who have gone through cryotherapy have seen a reduction in viral infections and common colds, while people suffering from chronic inflammatory joint diseases experience fewer attacks. Body weight can also decrease.

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