Indian head massage Champi


45 min

Mon-Thu 35 €
Fri-Sun 37 €

Champi is a treatment that involves massaging one’s head, neck, face and shoulder area by working on the energy channels. A large proportion of stress accumulates in our head and neck area, and pains and headaches caused by stress start to appear as a result. The head massage is also good for the general health of your scalp and hair, it has a positive effect on any eye and ear related problems, and it is excellent in loosening stiff shoulders.

Indications: stress, tiredness, headaches, tinnitus, insomnia, stiffness in the neck and shoulder area, chronic sinusitis and chronic rhinitis, thinning hair and poor blood circulation in the scalp.

Contraindications: malignant tumours, epilepsy, high blood pressure, severe febrile illnesses, first trimester of pregnancy, intoxication, psoriasis

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