ESTONIA Medical Spa & Hotel


From 1 September 2018 onwards, the car park of ESTONIA Medical Spa & Hotel will become a paid parking zone. The parking will be managed by AS Ühisteenused.

NB! Free parking is allowed for customers of ESTONIA Medical Spa, i.e., hotel guests as well as visitors to the TERMID water centre.

To obtaina free parking space, please ask at the reception of the hotel or TERMID. Parking is free for half an hour when you use a parking clock– during that time you can register your car at reception.

The new parking regulation:

  • Free for everybody for half an hour
  • Free for visitors to ESTONIA Medical Spa & Hotel if the parking is registered at the reception of the hotel or TERMID.
  • From1 September 2018, the parking fee is €4/hour and €12/24 hours.
  • You can pay for parking with your mobile phone; the parking zone number is YT50


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