Adventure Game “Action Track” in Pärnu

Complete your stay with us in Pärnu with an entertaining team event, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and the company of your colleagues outside of the seminar room. 

Action TrackThe game leader will provide each team (3-7 people in one team) an iPad and go over the rules. The game is based on gathering points. The winner is determined by creativity, knowing the right answers and with some questions – speed. Teams rotate among about 20 check points. The game is not based on speed alone, but answering correctly and most of all – answering them creatively. For extra charge, you can also meet the animation team in check points, who will provide the task to you personally. There is also an option to add questions and topics about the client or their company.

Here are some ideas of the tasks given in some check points (interactive tasks solved on a tablet):
• Find a house, where one window is drawn on
• Reenact a scene, take a photo of it and send it to the game leader
• Listen to an audio clip and write down the sounds you hear
• Take a group selfie, where everyone tries to touch their nose with their tongue
The game is monitored by the game leader, who can also give extra challenges and give out points according to given answers. The team must move together. After the game, the game leader gives a summary, talks about how many kilometers each team walked and gives the best team a prize. All questions, answers and pictures taken during the game will be sent to the client’s email after the game.

Game duration 1,5-2h.

Price: from 40 €/person
Number of participants: 20 – 200 people

Additional information and reservations:
e mail
phone 372 440 1018

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