Estonian Way of Wellness

Sauna rituals, herbal baths and sauna massage

For true whiskers and sauna gourmets we offer Estonian sauna rituals and herbal baths in the WHISK sauna.

Sauna rituals

Sauna rituals take place under the guidance of a sauna woman or a sauna man, who knows precisely how and why ancient Estonians used the sauna. They recommend whisks for the whisk sauna, herbal set for the herbal baths, and best mixtures for facial masks and body scrubs. They also get rid of  your everyday stress with the help of sauna spells, so you will be ready for new challenges!

Sauna rituals and herbal baths are offered seasonally, more information phone 00372 440 1014, e-mail

rituaal550x380Sauna therapy

Therapy in small groups 3-8 visitors
Duration 60 min
Price 15 € person*

Sauna therapy “First sauna experience”

Come with your child and enjoy the Estonian sauna experience!
Duration 35 min
Price 15 € two persons (adult and child up to 14 yrs)*

Bookings: phone 00372 440 1014, e-mail

Herbal baths

Two-person barrels made of high-quality Estonian wood invite you to enjoy herbal baths. In the baths we use primarily native plants, for example salvia, mint, lemon balm, origanum, blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, dried apple, rose hip, lime, meadowsweet, valerian root, pine, spruce, etc. The therapy stimulates blood circulation, calms, and relieves stress. We recommend taking herbal baths at the end of your spa visit to prolong the effect of the herbs on your skin.

ehesaunagurmaanile550x380Duration 20 min
Price 11 € one person*
Price 16 € two persons*

Sauna therapy for couples with a herbal bath

The more the merrier!
Duration 60 min
Price 40 € two persons*

Bookings: phone 00372 440 1014, e-mail


Sauna massage

saunamassaaz550x380Duration 15 min
Price 10 € person*

Sauna massage with whisking

Duration 30 min
Price 20 € person*

Bookings: phone 00372 440 1014, e-mail

*An additional spa and sauna centre entrance fee is added to all prices.

ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa center SPA & SAUNA is located on 3rd floor of the spa and conference building, address: A.H. Tammsaare 6, Pärnu.
Open Mon-Sun 10-22, except maintenance days.

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