TOP 5 spa treatments in spring

ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa is the ideal place to relax and get rid of tension! The selection of our spa menu includes more than 50 different spa treatments – massages, body treatments, hand and foot treatments, face and head treatments, special treatments for children and also for men…


Birch Bud Body Treatment
15 min 27 €

Nature is waking up, and buds are sprouting on trees and bushes…
The birch is a sensitive tree: it awakens intuitive forces within people, making them mindful and thoughtful. The birch is gentle and caring, eases fear, worry, hesitation, and removes disease-causing microbes. Birch bud treatment provides relief for joints.
During the birch bud body treatment, your skin is thoroughly scrubbed with a birch bud skin cleanser. After the treatment, your skin will have a fresh, glowing, and renewed vigour. The fresh spring fragrance of the birch buds will provide your mind with light and bright feelings.

Conker and chilli anti-cellulite body treatment
60 min 57 €

A wonderfully efficient treatment that tackles the most problematic areas of your body and is recommended as a supporting treatment during weight loss and detox processes.

The treatment begins with an underwater shower massage. This intense massage will stimulate blood circulation and the metabolism of tissues, removing fluids and toxins from the body. It also has a relaxing, calming and stress-relieving effect. After the bath, a sculpting mask full of various beneficial ingredients will be applied on the skin to tackle cellulite. L-carnitine is used for losing weight and removing excess fluids from the body. Horse chestnut dissolves fat, rendering the skin beautiful and elastic. Pepper, chlorophyll and vitamins stimulate the blood circulation of tissues, strengthen the skin and act as superb antioxidants. You will notice the effects of the mask for problematic areas immediately – the skin will feel pleasantly warm and sizzling.

The thrill of the body treatment will be brought to perfection by a pressure point massage for the face and scalp, which will help you forget all your daily worries and thoughts. In addition to its relaxing qualities, it revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin.

The mask will be followed by a massage for problematic areas. The mask will absorb into the skin and will continue to work its magic for up to 4 hours after the procedure. For the maximum effect, we do not advise you to rush into the shower!

Relaxing Shoulder Massage
30 min 38 €

Relaxing shoulder massage is a performance-restoring treatment for the shoulder area, which is the most strained area of the body. Strained shoulders cause pain in the area, cramping in fingers, tennis elbow syndrome, headaches, etc. Pain indicates excessively strained muscles, muscle stiffness, and reminds us to do something to solve the problem…

Hemp Bath with Body Treatment
50 min 47 €

Hemp is one of the most  ancient plants, which has been grown for centuries to get durable fiber and oil-rich seeds. When it is used externally, hemp has an anti-aging effect. Due to the vitamins and oils found in hemp seeds, hemp is perfect for moisturizing skin and, due to fatty acids in omega 3, is a very strong natural fatburner. It also relieves muscle strains formed after doing sports.
Hemp-sea salt bath softens body, hemp body scrub removes dead skin cells, body wrap nourishes and refreshes skin and speeds up metabolism.

Aqua massage in a magnesium bath
30 min 36 €

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