TOP 5 spa treatments in autumn

ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa is the ideal place to relax and get rid of tension! The selection of our spa menu includes more than 50 different spa treatments – massages, body treatments, hand and foot treatments, face and head treatments, special treatments for children and also for men…



Mud Wrap Massage
60 min 52 €
The combined effect of a medicinal mud massage followed by a mud poultice gives excellent results. Ensuring intense moisturisation and rejuvenation of the skin, it also supports weight loss and toning of the body. Mud wraps are also known for relieving musculoskeletal and joint problems as well as radicular pain.

The treatment begins with a relaxing full body mud massage. The warm creamy mud relaxes muscle tension while also exfoliating the skin. The massage prepares the skin for the improved effect of the active substances. Mud helps to relieve skin problems and gives you a smooth youthful complexion. Originally from the Gulf of Käina in Hiiumaa, it is the highest quality medicinal mud in Estonia – the cleanest, the most alkaline and with the highest concentration of minerals. The treatment leaves your skin silky and soft.

Hemp Oil Massage 
60 min 54 €

Hemp oil massage offers a relaxing massage with hemp oil for the whole body. Hemp is one of the most ancient plants, which has been grown for centuries to get durable fiber and oil-rich seeds. When it is used externally, hemp has an anti-aging effect. Due to the vitamins and oils found in hemp seeds, hemp is perfect for moisturizing skin and, due to fatty acids in omega 3, is a very strong natural fatburner. It also relieves muscle strains formed after doing sports.

Beeswax Hand Treatment with Shoulder Massage
30 min 35 €

Beeswax absorbs through skin in warmth and expedites blood and lymphatic circulation, which transport stagnant liquids out of the body while repairing cracks in the skin at the same time. Linseed oil has a deeply moisturizing effect, which is especially beneficial for easily drying hands. Honey’s sweet scent calms and brings sunshine to the senses.

The treatment begins with a handwash up to elbows with calendula soap. Then, hands are wrapped in beeswax paraffin, and woolen mittens are put on. During the wrap, a shoulder massage is given over clothes. Finally, a slight hand massage with the remaining linseed oil is given.

Sundãri Abhyanga Massage
60 min 59 €

Sundãri Abhyanga (literally ‘oil massage’), is a special point massage that offers deep relaxation. Rhythmic massage activates stagnant energy using warm oil, the purpose of which is to restore the energy flow.

Aqua massage in a magnesium bath
30 min 36€


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