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TOP 5 spa treatments in autumn

ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa is the ideal place to relax and get rid of tension! The selection of our spa menu includes more than 50 different spa treatments – massages, body treatments, hand and foot treatments, face and head treatments, special treatments for children and also for men…


Relaxing Shoulder Massage
30 min 38 €

Relaxing shoulder massage is a performance-restoring treatment for the shoulder area, which is the most strained area of the body. Strained shoulders cause pain in the area, cramping in fingers, tennis elbow syndrome, headaches, etc. Pain indicates excessively strained muscles, muscle stiffness, and reminds us to do something to solve the problem…

Classical Massage
60 min 49 €

The goal of the classical massage is to therapeutically affect muscles, blood supply, and lymphatic circulation. In the course of the massage, stiff muscles relax and skin becomes elastic and tight. Massage is a wonderful way to eliminate exhaustion, restore metabolic processes in the body, improve muscle tone, create a feeling of lightness, burn fat, improve joints, breathing, and the nervous system.

Mud Wrap Massage
60 min 57 €

The combined effect of a medicinal mud massage followed by a mud poultice gives excellent results. Ensuring intense moisturisation and rejuvenation of the skin, it also supports weight loss and toning of the body. Mud wraps are also known for relieving musculoskeletal and joint problems as well as radicular pain.

The treatment begins with a relaxing full body mud massage. The warm creamy mud relaxes muscle tension while also exfoliating the skin. The massage prepares the skin for the improved effect of the active substances. Mud helps to relieve skin problems and gives you a smooth youthful complexion. Originally from the Gulf of Käina in Hiiumaa, it is the highest quality medicinal mud in Estonia – the cleanest, the most alkaline and with the highest concentration of minerals. The treatment leaves your skin silky and soft.

Forceful Kneading
20 min 25 €

Kneading is suitable for children aged 5-14 years. The massage is performed through a towel. During the massage will be kneaded, rubbed, shaken, twisted and stretched. This is a good opportunity to introduce future spa gourmets with the massage world.

Aqua massage in a magnesium bath
30 min 36€

You can find all spa treatments HERE.

Spa treatments are offered 
on the 2nd floor of the spa and conference building, address A.H. Tammsaare pst 6, Pärnu.
Open Mon-Sat 9-19, Sun 9-17.

Information and bookings:
+372 440 1013, resort.spa@spaestonia.ee


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Dear guests!

Due to the repairs of the restaurant NOOT, the ENTIRE HOTEL is closed from January 7 to 14

  • Restaurant NOOT / café  NOOT is closed due to repairs from January 7 to February 23
    During this period hotel guests can enjoy breakfast in a large conference hall,
    located on the 1st floor of our spa and conference building. Hotel guests can access
    the conference centre through a glass gallery on the 3rd floor of the hotel.
  • Spa centre SPA & SAUN is closed from January 8 to 14 (incl)
    We open the spa centre on January 15 at 15:00.

We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to welcoming you back to restaurant NOOT,
which is going through a complete renewal!