NB! 26.06-23.07.2023 spa centre TERMID is closed due to repairs!

Spa treatment packages from 24 €

Spa services from 24 € for hotel guests are on hand to make your stay at the ESTONIA Medical SPA & Hotel as enjoyable as possible. With this in mind, in addition to the accommodation package, we also recommend that you book spa treatments to help you relax and improve your health!

We know that it is often difficult to choose from the long list of different spa treatments. Therefore, we have created two convenient spa treatment packages for you:

“FOR YOUR IMMUNITY”salt chamber strengthens your immunity, warm paraffin treatment for hands gives you soft hands and has a nice warming effect, and the relaxation treatment massage chair helps you enjoy a whole back massage.estonia-medical-spa-soolakamber-1
– 1 x salt chamber 30 min
– 1 x warm peach paraffin for hands 15 min
– 1 x relaxation therapy 15 min
Price for the package (3 treatments): 24 € (29 € if purchased separately)

Additional information and booking: e-mail ravip@spaestonia.ee, telephone +372 447 6950 (Mon-Fri 8 am–4.30 pm)

“SPA THAT MAKES YOU GLOW” – enjoy and take time for relaxing! Beautiful and fresh complexion, a wonderful foot treatment that helps your body release toxins and special massage techniques that fill you with new energy!
– 1 x facial and décolleté massage and a mask (according to your skin type) 25 min
– 1 x magnesium foot treatment 40 min
Price for the package (3 treatments): 73 € (81 € if purchased separately)

Additional information and booking: e-mail ilusalong@spaestonia.ee, telephone +372 440 1015


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