Travel safely, Dear Guest

ESTONIA Medical Spa & Hotel takes care to make every visitor feel safe in our hotel! We do our best to ensure that you have a completely stress-free and relaxing holiday with us!

According to the egulation of Estonian Government, we will ensure the infection safety and control of hotel visitors and we are waiting to ESTONIA Medical Spa & Hotel customers* who have:

  • vaccination passport (immunization certificate) or
  • proof of COVID-19 disease (proof is valid for 180 days from a positive test)

NB! All customers from the age of 18 must provide one of the above-mentioned certificates. We do not control the infection safety of guests under the age of 18.

*HOTEL CUSTOMERS – all hotel guests are required to provide an ID and one of the above-mentioned certificates at check-in. In the absence of such proof, the hotel reserves the right to refuse the service. All guests with a certificate are free to visit the spa center SPA & SAUN, spa treatments, restaurant, café or conference center (hotel guests do not have to present the certificate again in other hotel units during their stay).

*SPA CENTER TERMID CUSTOMERS – customers who do not stay in the hotel and want to come to spa center  TERMID are required to provide an ID and one of the above-mentioned certificates upon arrival at the spa center reception (from the age of 18). In the absence of such proof, the spa has the right to refuse to offer the service.

*SPA TREATMENT CUSTOMERS – everyone who wants to come to enjoy spa treatments and does not stay in the hotel is obliged to wear a mask. The obligation to wear a mask does not extend to the customer if they present one of the required certificates upon arrival at the spa reception.

*CONFERENCES, SEMINARS, ETC. GROUP EVENTS, PRIVATE PARTIES (in Panorama cafe etc.) – we ask the organizer of the event to ensure that all participants in the event (regardless of the size of the group) have one of the required certificates. If the organizer does not guarantee that all participants have one of the above certificates, the hotel reserves the right to refuse the service.

In cooperation with the Estonian Health Board we have thoroughly thought through what is happening in our hotel so that your accommodation with us could be safe. To ensure this, please read the following explanations and instructions.

All hotel rooms have undergone thorough disinfection and cleaning and will be re-cleaned before a new guest arrives. In addition, we have tightened the schedule for cleaning the hotel’s common areas.

Breakfast is served in the buffet restaurant on weekdays from 07 am to 10 am and on weekends from 7 am to 11 am. NB! There will be a bigger amount of guests from 9 am.

What can our guests do to limit the spread of the virus? 

  • Visit us when you are healthy! If you feel ill, stay home and consult a doctor. Don’t worry, we not charge any fee if you change or cancel your reservation.
  • Please be sure to bring your mask (s) and wear it in all public areas during your stay. The mask of others protects you and your own others from infection.
  • We take lifts alone or accompanied by members of the same group.
  • We keep our hands clean – disinfectants are available in many places in the hotel’s public areas. Hand washing is very effective in preventing transmission of the virus – please wash your hands!
  • When paying for services, pay by a card, if possible.

NB! Please DO NOT visit hotel, spa center or spa treatments if: 

  • You are required to self-isolate due to having been infected with COVID-19 or having come into close contact with an individual who has been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • You exhibit symptoms of an acute infectious respiratory disease (including mild rhinitis, a sore throat, an itchy throat, a cough, etc)
  • There are restrictions on freedom of movement that are applicable to them because they have returned from a country with a high COVID-19 infection rate
  • We suggest to register your personal details (name and telephone number). The details will be used later if it becomes necessary to notify the customer of any potential contact with an individual who has been infected

You can find more information about the requirements

Our team will do everything to make your holiday with us both safe and enjoyable!

We are waiting for you!

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