Location and parking

ESTONIA Medical Spa & Hotel is situated in a prime location in an idyllic beach area of Pärnu, only 5 minutes away from the boardwalk and 15 minutes from the city center. A few steps away from the hotel you can find a Pärnu Beach Park.

ESTONIA Medical Spa & Hotel address:

  • Hotel reception – Pärna 12, Pärnu, Estonia, Google Maps
  • Sauna and water center TERMID – Sääse 7, Pärnu, Estonia, Google Maps

Parking in the parking lot of ESTONIA Medical Spa & Hotel is chargeable. Parking is available if there are vacant spaces.

Parkimine_Estonia Medical Spa & HotelPRICES for the period 1.05.-31.08.2024

Parking for hotel and spa centre guests
3 hrs / €5
1 night / €10
(parking is allowed from check-in to check-out)
Parking spaces cannot be booked in advance and availability is not guaranteed.

Hotel guests can register their parking at the hotel reception, and spa centre guests can do so at the spa centre reception.

Please note! A parking permit will not guarantee the availability of a parking space for the entire stay at the hotel if the guest leaves the hotel parking lot for a while during the stay.

When using a parking clock, parking will be free of charge for 30 minutes to register the parking at the reception.

Parking in the hotel parking lot is free of charge for people with a disability:
– A driver with a mobility disability and the driver of a vehicle servicing people with a mobility disability or blind people can park in the hotel parking lot free of charge.
– Exemption from the parking fee must be proven by a parking card of a vehicle servicing people with a mobility disability and blind people, as specified in § 167 of the Traffic Act.
– The parking card must be displayed on the front or back window of the vehicle.

Parking is operated by EuroPark ESTONIA.

Parking on surrounding streets is chargeable. Additional information in Visit Pärnu webpage visitparnu.com.

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