Location and parking

ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa is situated in a prime location in an idyllic beach area of Pärnu, only 5 minutes away from the beach boardwalk and 15 minutes from the city center. A few steps away from the hotel you can find a Pärnu Beach Park.

ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa address:

  • Hotel and restaurant – A. H. Tammsaare pst 4a, Pärnu, Estonia, Google Maps
  • Spa and Conference building – A. H. Tammsaare pst 6, Pärnu, Estonia, Google Maps


  • Parking in the hotel building parking lot (marked with P1) is for extra charge, parking fee 10 €/24h applies.
  • Parking in the Spa and Conference building parking lot (marked with P2) is free of charge for hotel guests.
  • Parking on surrounding streets is free of charge, except summer period when the parking fee applies on the selected streets. Additional information www.parnu.ee.



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