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ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa treatment menu is as colorful and varied as the Estonian history for the past few hundred years. In creating our menu, we have been inspired by Estonian nature and ancient herbalists, who have refined the foundation of Estonian traditions for centuries.

It is known that in prehistoric times Estonians used almost everything that Earth offered – plants, clay, stones, water, fire. The ancient Estonian way has a lot in common with the traditional Indian treatment ayurveda, where it is believed that all our surroundings influence us in some way or another, or, in other words, everything is beneficial to something. Carefully selected Estonian products are used for oll Estonian-themed treatments. These products have been chosen by Estonian folk medicine specialists based on their healing, moisturizing, and cleansing qualities. Most of the products are non-allergenic. Our experienced specialists consult with each client prior to the treatment and, if it is necessary, replace certain products with other more suitable ones.

Treatments from India spa culture add spark and spice to the spa treatment menu.

  • Original Estonian treatments for body, hands, feet incl. empowering herbal massage for hands and feet with Estonian sages’ healing massage techniques. Pampering beeswax hand treatment. Home beer bath enriched with magnesium. And much, much more….
  • Indian Sundari series exotic treatments for body, hands, which all begin with determining the client’s Dosha body type to choose the right aromas and products.
  • The spa menu also offers classic treatments, incl. manicure, pedicure, and classical massage.
  • In addition we offer Salt Table treatments – unique in Estonia!


  • Please come to treatment 5 minutes before the start of the treatment. If you are late for treatment for up to 5 minutes, your treatment time will be shortened accordingly. In case of a longer delay, we cannot guarantee that the treatment will take place.
  • We understand that sometimes your plans may change and you may not be able to come to enjoy the treatment. Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance. In case of no-show, the hotel reserves the right to ask you to pay the amount of the booked treatment.

Spa treatments are offered on the 2nd floor of the spa and conference building, address A.H. Tammsaare pst 6, Pärnu.
Open Mon-Sat 9-19, Sun 9-17.

Information and bookings: +372 440 1013,

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