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Original Estonian Body Treatments

Estonian Power Tree Body Treatment
90 min 79 €

Ancient Estonians have used whisking both in saunas and for massages. During the power tree body treatment, clients can enjoy power whisks’ healing and re-energizing effects.

Treatment begis with a healing dry whisking with power whisks and is followed by strong Estonian warming massage over linen. In the course of the treatment, according to the cistoms of the ancient Estonians, the back is stamped on to eliminate muscle tensions caused by a strenuous working week. When the senses have calmed, hemp and carrot oil is applied to the body. Carrot root is known as a source of beta-carotene and vitamin B. Hemp oil softens and moisturizes skin and also alleviates allergic skin reactions. To make the treatment perfect, it is finished with a relaxing head massage.

Mud Wrap Massage
60 min 62 €

The combined effect of a medicinal mud massage followed by a mud poultice gives excellent results. Ensuring intense moisturisation and rejuvenation of the skin, it also supports weight loss and toning of the body. Mud wraps are also known for relieving musculoskeletal and joint problems as well as radicular pain.

The treatment begins with a relaxing full body mud massage. The warm creamy mud relaxes muscle tension while also exfoliating the skin. The massage prepares the skin for the improved effect of the active substances. Mud helps to relieve skin problems and gives you a smooth youthful complexion. Originally from the Gulf of Käina in Hiiumaa, it is the highest quality medicinal mud in Estonia – the cleanest, the most alkaline and with the highest concentration of minerals. The treatment leaves your skin silky and soft.

Peat and Honey Body Treatment
30 min 39 €
90 min 69 €

Honey has been widely used and highly regarded for 2500 years. In Estonia, beekeeping started in prehistoric times. During the peat and honey body treatment, the body is covered with a peat and honey wrap. Peat eliminates toxins from the body. Honey refreshes and heals by transporting peat more deeply into the skin surface. That makes the wrap an efficient remedy against cellulite. Peat mask speeds up metabolism so much that with one treatment weight drops by 300 grams. Additionally, the body wrap improves blood circulation and enriches the body with beneficial bioactive compound, making the skin silky and soft. The body wrap also has a discernible relaxing effect, and, after the treatment, sleep is especially good.

90 min treatment is topped with a whole body massage with honey oil, which gives the skin a healthy look and silky softness.

Hemp body treatment
15 min 29 €

The cannabis body treatment serves to remove dead skin cells. Owing to the vitamins and oils found in cannabis seeds, this treatment is perfect for moisturising your skin.
Cannabis oil helps you relax, maintain your skin’s protective barrier, reduce itching and decelerate the aging process of your skin.

Rowanberry treatment with massage
90 min 79 €

Rowan is a powerful tree whose branches, leaves and berries are used in various protection and love related rituals. For Estonians, rowan has always been a symbol of perseverance and toughness. Rowan is even said to have the ability to make the old young again. Historically, rowanberries have primarily been used to relieve inflammations and rheumatism.

They have an overall strengthening and anti-inflammatory effect, act as strong antioxidants, cleanse the body of many residues and toxins, and stimulate the metabolism.

The rowanberry treatment starts with a relaxing and tension-relieving massage, followed by a full body rowanberry scrub that gives you silky smooth skin.

Milk Bath with Honey and Lavender
30 min 32 € for 1 person, 43 € for 2 persons

Milk bath has been the easiest way to moisturize and nourish the skin for centuries. Milk bath has a unique, especially softly exfoliating effect. By removing dead skin cells, the skin seems fresher and younger. Milk bath also has a moisturizing effect on dry skin. It contains abundant vitamins, especially, vitamin E and zinc, which slow down the aging process and make the skin more elastic. Lavender, which is also added to the bath, has a calming effect; added vanilla extract balances senses, adds sensuality. Honey is tremendously beneficial health-strengthening and life-lengthening substance. After the bath, the skin looks completely new!

Magnesium and Home Beer Bath Treatment
30 min 35 € for 1 person, 44 € for 2 persons

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals, which our bodies need for normal functioning. Body absorbs magnesium especially well through skin in warm bathwater. Magnesium bath treatment is good for preventing and relieving magnesium deficiency. Home beer contains a lot of good and healthy properties due to hop, which is beneficial to the skin, joints, and nervous system. Hop contains B6 group vitamins and has therefore a strong and calming effect. Magnesium and home beer bath relieves tensions, refreshes and gives new energy. After the bath and application of calming and moisturizing home beer massage lotion, the skin becomes especially soft.

Conker and chilli anti-cellulite body treatment
60 min 62 €

A wonderfully efficient treatment that tackles the most problematic areas of your body and is recommended as a supporting treatment during weight loss and detox processes.

The treatment begins with an underwater shower massage. This intense massage will stimulate blood circulation and the metabolism of tissues, removing fluids and toxins from the body. It also has a relaxing, calming and stress-relieving effect. After the bath, a sculpting mask full of various beneficial ingredients will be applied on the skin to tackle cellulite. L-carnitine is used for losing weight and removing excess fluids from the body. Horse chestnut dissolves fat, rendering the skin beautiful and elastic. Pepper, chlorophyll and vitamins stimulate the blood circulation of tissues, strengthen the skin and act as superb antioxidants. You will notice the effects of the mask for problematic areas immediately – the skin will feel pleasantly warm and sizzling.

The thrill of the body treatment will be brought to perfection by a pressure point massage for the face and scalp, which will help you forget all your daily worries and thoughts. In addition to its relaxing qualities, it revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin.

The mask will be followed by a massage for problematic areas. The mask will absorb into the skin and will continue to work its magic for up to 4 hours after the procedure. For the maximum effect, we do not advise you to rush into the shower!

Hemp Bath with Body Treatment
50 min 52 €

Hemp is one of the most  ancient plants, which has been grown for centuries to get durable fiber and oil-rich seeds. When it is used externally, hemp has an anti-aging effect. Due to the vitamins and oils found in hemp seeds, hemp is perfect for moisturizing skin and, due to fatty acids in omega 3, is a very strong natural fatburner. It also relieves muscle strains formed after doing sports.

Hemp-sea salt bath softens body, hemp body scrub removes dead skin cells, body wrap nourishes and refreshes skin and speeds up metabolism.

Oriental Body Treatments

Gotu Kola Firming Body Polish
60 min 64 €

Gotu Kola firming body polish makes the skin silky soft and smooth. Rosehip seed oil exfoliates and moisturizes your skin; Gotu Kola (Indian pennywort) and cardamom oil give elasticity and tighten the skin. This treatment has a relaxing effect on the body, soul and spirit, and greatly reduces stress.

Gotu Kola Anti-Cellulite Procontouring Body Treatment
60 min 64 €

This effective treatment uses Gotu Kola and water lily cellulite cream that has an effective impact, being both anti-aging and also helping to prevent the formation of cellulite. The purpose of this treatment is to improve your figure by reducing cellulite and excess fat in problem areas. Mild peeling removes impurities and dead skin cells from the skin and prepares it for this special treatment. Massage and Gotu Kola, water lily and peptide mask, help to stimulate blood flow and make the energy flow in one’s body. For best results, the treatment should be done consistently.

Neem Tree Healing Signature Experience
90 min 84 €

Addictive experience for body and soul! Inspired by Ayurveda, this therapy covers the whole body with healing and cleansing active ingredients, starting with Sundãi traditional back massage and exfoliation of the whole body, in which Neem and Date Seed purify the skin intensively. The treatment ends with an aromatic oil massage and healing mask.

Sundãri Luxury Treatment with a Herbal Bath
90 min 84 €

Sundãri body treatment consists of five parts:

Part 1 – Ancient expression of gratitude to our feet:
Sundãri body treatment begins with a foot bath and scrub. This traditional greeting to our honourable guests comes from ancient Oriental traditions; with this ritual, we thank our feet that they carry and serve us on a daily basis. During the ritual the client fills the Dosha test. Suitable products are selected based on the client’s Dosha type.

Part 2 – Classic full body massage with Sundãri oils:
This classic full body massage carried out with Sundãri oils is a great opportunity to relieve fatigue, and muscular tension. During this classic massage, the focus may be on the problem areas only but it is also ideal for pampering muscle groups on the whole body, and for improving blood flow, and lymph circulation.

Part 3 – Body exfoliation with Sundãri body scrub that is suitable for the customer’s body type:
We are all different. Therefore all products used on the body cannot be equally suitable for everyone. During this perfect body treatment, an appropriate Sundãri body scrub will be chosen for the customer, which can be moisturizing, healing or firming. The refined oil molecule, applied onto the skin during the preceding massage, helps the skin to deeply absorb useful substances of the scrub and let them function according to their effect.
Possible options are:
– Omega 3 moisturizing scrub nourishes and protects the skin as thoroughly as possible. This treatment involves the combination of linseed oil, rich Omega 3 fatty acids, and coconut powder that nourish the skin and create a protective layer on it.
– Gotu Kola firming scrub makes the skin silky soft and smooth. Rosehip seed oil exfoliates and moisturizes your skin; Gotu Kola (Indian pennywort) and cardamom oil give elasticity and tighten the skin.
– Neem delicate and sensitive skin scrub  provides light scrubbing and is very nutritious. Date seeds, jojoba and pumpkin enzymes remove dead cells and renew the skin. Neem and blood orange moisturize and leave a protective layer on the skin.

Part 4 – Bath with Sundãri herbs and oils:
After the massage with Sundãri oils, and suitable body scrub, it is time to enjoy a warm bath. A truly relaxing 10 minutes in warm water enriched with herbs, during which the body and spirit of the customer is nourished with herbal tea and relaxing birdsong.

Part 5 – Skin nourishing moisturization with Sundãri body lotion:
Finally, a suitable body lotion will be selected according to the customer’s skin type, which will be applied onto the whole body. Possible options are:
– Moisturizing and softening body lotion with Omega 3 and Japanese plum, which contains Omega 3 fatty acids that intensively moisturize and strengthen the skin.
– Healing Neem and blood orange body lotion helps to strengthen collagen fibres.
– Firming Gotu Kola and Kukui body lotion , which contains Gotu Kola oil that tones and tightens the skin.

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