Empowering Herbal Massage
60 min 59 €

Empowering herbal massage is done with warmed herbal balls combined with ancient Estonian massage techniques. Herbal balls, consisting of Estonian herbs, along with herbal oils, relax muscle and nerve strains maximally, empower senses and feelings. Massage stimulates blood circulation, calms and eliminates strain.
Based on the chosen herbs according to client’s individual needs, the massage is suitable for painful joints, stomach problems, colds, ulcers, cramps, nerves, infections, pains, insomnia, or skin problems.

Ancient Estonian Massage
60 min 54 €

The roots of the ancient Estonian massage reach probably back thousands, if not ten thousand years. Since knowledge was formerly passed on in families at slightly different levels and using different techinques, the activity was also called differently in various parts of Estonia. Vernacular names for it were kneading, ironing, touching, paying, etc. The word ‘massage’ came to use much later and is a foreign word.

The collector and teacher of Estonian folk medicine, Alar Krautman, has put together a complete massage with the remaining knowledge considering today’s knowledge and people’s needs. Ancient Estonian massage has its own distinctive handwriting, peculiar rhythm that reminds folk songs, and very effective bodywork. Ancient Estonian massage has been created to keep the body working and in balance, heal both physical and psychological problems.

Like most other colder nature people’s treatments, anicent Estonian massage is given over light, thin clothes and on a mat. Although anicent Estonian massage can also be done with oil, lotion, honey, or some other substance (which used to be done in a sauna), we advise to try the massage over clothes first. This enables the masseur to freely perform shakes, stretches, take different positions, and use other effective techniques. The massage merges our ancestors’ wisdom and today’s knowledge. The result is an effective method, which has both the power of Earth and wise and techniques for working muscles. It helps to heal joints and internal organs and restores the general balance and power of the body.

The massage is suitable for everyone who wants to reorganize their body and power, especially for those who love relaxing but strong massage. The treatment is perfect for those who are looking for a serious and effective healing technique. According to the wishes and needs of the client, the massage can be given to the whole body or be limited to a particular area.

Honeycomb massage
30 min 38 €
60 min 54 €

Honey has already been widely used for 2500 years. In Estonia, beekeeping started in prehistoric times. Already ancient Estonians knew of the beneficial qualities of honey. This golden gift of nature has been used as a health-strengthening substance and an extender of active life in addition to softening the skin. Honey oil massage with honey comb is a partial body massage, where are used the techniques derived from ancient Estonian massage.

Hemp Oil Massage – WE RECOMMEND FOR MEN!
60 min 54 €

Hemp oil massage offers a relaxing massage with hemp oil for the whole body. Hemp is one of the most ancient plants, which has been grown for centuries to get durable fiber and oil-rich seeds. When it is used externally, hemp has an anti-aging effect. Due to the vitamins and oils found in hemp seeds, hemp is perfect for moisturizing skin and, due to fatty acids in omega 3, is a very strong natural fatburner. It also relieves muscle strains formed after doing sports.

Relaxing Shoulder Massage
30 min 38 €

Relaxing shoulder massage is a performance-restoring treatment for the shoulder area, which is the most strained area of the body. Strained shoulders cause pain in the area, cramping in fingers, tennis elbow syndrome, headaches, etc. Pain indicates excessively strained muscles, muscle stiffness, and reminds us to do something to solve the problem…

Mud Wrap Massage
60 min 57 €

The combined effect of a medicinal mud massage followed by a mud poultice gives excellent results. Ensuring intense moisturisation and rejuvenation of the skin, it also supports weight loss and toning of the body. Mud wraps are also known for relieving musculoskeletal and joint problems as well as radicular pain.

The treatment begins with a relaxing full body mud massage. The warm creamy mud relaxes muscle tension while also exfoliating the skin. The massage prepares the skin for the improved effect of the active substances. Mud helps to relieve skin problems and gives you a smooth youthful complexion. Originally from the Gulf of Käina in Hiiumaa, it is the highest quality medicinal mud in Estonia – the cleanest, the most alkaline and with the highest concentration of minerals. The treatment leaves your skin silky and soft.


Sundãri Abhyanga Massage
60 min 59 €

Sundãri Abhyanga (literally ‘oil massage’), is a special point massage that offers deep relaxation. Rhythmic massage activates stagnant energy using warm oil, the purpose of which is to restore the energy flow.

Thai Massage

Thai medicine is an ancient folk medicine tradition passed on from generation to generation. You can enjoy the real art of Thai massage only when it is performed by a trained masseuse and therapist of the original cultural and religious background. At ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa, we offer Thai massage in collaboration with professional and experienced masters.

Thai massage is a drug-free, natural and safe way to guide your organism to the path of healing. It is especially beneficial for those with a sedentary lifestyle. Deep relaxation and release during the procedure will help you get rid of present anxieties. You will be able to feel positive emotions, clear your head and fill it with new ideas. Thai massage is perfect for relieving stress, depression and chronic fatigue, and for increasing efficiency and thinking. In addition, it will help regulate your metabolism, increase immunity and get rid of residue.

Thai Massage
60 min 56 €
90 min 69 €
120 min 83 €

Thai Massage with Oil
60 min 56 €
90 min 69 €
120 min 83 €

Thai Foot Massage
60 min 50 €

Thai Head and Shoulder Massage
30 min 35 €


Classical Massage
30 min 34 €. Partial massage for a problematic area of the body
60 min 49 €. Classical massage for the whole body
90 min 64 €. Classical massage for the whole body with extra attention to a problematic area of the body.

The goal of the classical massage is to therapeutically affect muscles, blood supply, and lymphatic circulation. In the course of the massage, stiff muscles relax and skin becomes elastic and tight. Massage is a wonderful way to eliminate exhaustion, restore metabolic processes in the body, improve muscle tone, create a feeling of lightness, burn fat, improve joints, breathing, and the nervous system.

Honey Massage
60 min 54 €. Classical massage with honey for the whole body.

Honey was already used as an adhesive for removing contaminated energy from the body by ancient Estonians. Honey binds toxins and expedites their removal from the body. The wonderful co-effect of the healing qualities of honey and the massage improves blood circulation in deep skin layers and muscles, increases the nourishment of internal organs and tissues, effectively helps to fight cellulite, improves lymphatic circulation, and cleans the skin.

After the honey massage you simply become healthier and younger! Skin becomes silky, tight, and smooth.

Lymphatic Massage
60 min 54 €. Lymphatic massage for the whole body.

Lymph is a liquid that makes up a quarter of our bodies and which flows and surrounds all body cells. The effective outflow of the lymphatic liquid is the first priority not only in purifying the body and fighting off cellulite but also in securing the normal functioning of the whole body. Lymphatic massage is great for relieving muscle strains, skin and respiratory system diseases and alleviating pain and swelling.

Golf Massage
45 min 47 €

Golf massage is excellent for those who have been walking (on the grass) for hours, and whose shoulders and back have become tense from making a lot of precise shots…
Golf massage is a combination of classical massage and an ancient Estonian vein massage. It includes kneading and stretching elements typical of ancient Estonian massage, while focusing on feet and back. A warmed oat bag is used to impact muscles on an even deeper level.
Golf massage is a wonderful treatment that alleviates muscle tension and pain.

Peat Massage
50 min 49 €

The effect of peat procedures is based on the combined effect of warmth, bio-active substances and antiseptic properties. Active substances in peat nourish the skin, activate blood circulation and metabolism, and sweat removes waste from the body.
During the peat massage, warmed peat is applied on the back, then the back is covered with film and warm oat bags. The warming procedure lasts for 20 minutes and includes a massage for hands and feet.
The mask is removed by massaging the back with cups, which also relaxes the muscles.

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