For MEN!

Hemp Oil Massage
60 min 59 €

Hemp oil massage offers a relaxing massage with hemp oil for the whole body. Hemp is one of the most ancient plants, which has been grown for centuries to get durable fiber and oil-rich seeds. When it is used externally, hemp has an anti-aging effect. Due to the vitamins and oils found in hemp seeds, hemp is perfect for moisturizing skin and, due to fatty acids in omega 3, is a very strong natural fatburner. It also relieves muscle strains formed after doing sports.

Magnesium and Home Beer Bath Treatment
30 min 35 €

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals, which our bodies need for normal functioning. Body absorbs magnesium especially well through skin in warm bathwater. Magnesium bath treatment is good for preventing and relieving magnesium deficiency. Home beer contains a lot of good and healthy properties due to hop, which is beneficial to the skin, joints, and nervous system. Hop contains B6 group vitamins and has therefore a strong and calming effect. Magnesium and home beer bath relieves tensions, refreshes and gives new energy. After the bath and application of calming and moisturizing home beer massage lotion, the skin becomes especially soft.

Facial Treatment for Men
60 min 69 €

Facial treatment specially targeted for men, which is created by taking into account the special needs of men’s skin, and strong therapeutic effect of Neem. This treatment uses enzyme peeler, Neem and avocado based moisturizer that softens the skin and heals inflammation or injuries caused by shaving. After the treatment, the skin stays pleasantly fresh, clean, and soft.

Golf Massage
45 min 52 €

Golf massage is excellent for those who have been walking (on the grass) for hours, and whose shoulders and back have become tense from making a lot of precise shots…
Golf massage is a combination of classical massage and an ancient Estonian vein massage. It includes kneading and stretching elements typical of ancient Estonian massage, while focusing on feet and back. A warmed oat bag is used to impact muscles on an even deeper level.
Golf massage is a wonderful treatment that alleviates muscle tension and pain.

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