Milk Bath with Honey and Lavender
30 min 38 € for 2 persons

Milk bath has been the easiest way to moisturize and nourish the skin for centuries. Milk bath has a unique, especially softly exfoliating effect. By removing dead skin cells, the skin seems fresher and younger. Milk bath also has a moisturizing effect on dry skin. It contains abundant vitamins, especially, vitamin E and zinc, which slow down the aging process and make the skin more elastic. Lavender, which is also added to the bath, has a calming effect; added vanilla extract balances senses, adds sensuality. Honey is tremendously beneficial health-strengthening and life-lengthening substance. After the bath, the skin looks completely new!

Magnesium and Home Beer Bath Treatment
30 min 39 € for 2 persons

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals, which our bodies need for normal functioning. Body absorbs magnesium especially well through skin in warm bathwater. Magnesium bath treatment is good for preventing and relieving magnesium deficiency. Home beer contains a lot of good and healthy properties due to hop, which is beneficial to the skin, joints, and nervous system. Hop contains B6 group vitamins and has therefore a strong and calming effect. Magnesium and home beer bath relieves tensions, refreshes and gives new energy. After the bath and application of calming and moisturizing home beer massage lotion, the skin becomes especially soft.

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