Estonia – a small country on the north-eastern edge of the European Union, is a blend of modern and medieval. From high-tech startups to gourmet dining in the forest – fresh ideas are our promise. Due to small size, we are flexible, eager to grow and surprise positively. More information

Pärnu is the popular resort town in Estonia with spa traditions since 1838. The town is situated on the country’s west coast and is a perfect location for “off-the-beaten track“ holidays. White sandy beaches, shallow waters, rich cultural scene and numerous cafés, restaurants and nightclubs attract thousand of tourists to enjoy their summer holidays. In autumn, winter and spring the town is a popular spa holidays destination with numerous spa and wellness facilities. More information

Getting to Pärnu. Most major European cities have flight connections to Tallinn and Riga, both airports are less than two hours away by car or by bus.
Pärnu – Tallinn 127 km
Pärnu – Riga 181 km

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