Pet owner’s guide

  • bosse_lemmikloom2We welcome dogs and cats in our hotel. If you would like to bring a different pet with you, please consult with our staff beforehand.
  • Please do not leave your pet in the hotel room unattended. If you have to do it, we kindly ask you to hang the sign “please do not disturb” on your door handle in the corridor. For safety reasons, we kindly ask you to always leave your pet in a cage when you leave the room.
  • When you walk with your pet on the hotel premises, always use a collar. Poop must be put in a plastic bag and thrown in the nearest domestic waste bin.
  • We kindly ask you to walk your pet outside the hotel parking area.
  • Pets are not allowed in the spa area, breakfast area and during your restaurant visit.
  • The hotel has the right to ask the owner to leave the hotel, if the pet disturbs other guests (for example constant barking).
  • The hotel has the right to ask the pet owner to pay for any damage inflicted by the pet to the hotel, including an additional cleaning fee if the room requires in-depth cleaning after you leave (including dry cleaning).
  • Please inform the reception if you would like to your room to be cleaned during the day. Without a separate request, the room will not be cleaned during the day. To ensure the safety of the hotel staff, it is not allowed for the pet to remain in the room during cleaning.
  • To clean your pet’s paws, please use the special towels provided.
  • The pet may only stay in the room that it was registered into.
  • The fee for a pet is 25 EUR/ night/ pet. We have stocked to room with a drinking bowl for your pet, a towel for cleaning the paws and plastic bags.

If you have any questions, please contact our reception staff using the internal number 13550, or call the number +372 44 01 017

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