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Relaxing shoulder massage
30 min

Relaxing shoulder massage is a performance-restoring treatment for the shoulder area, which is the most strained area of the body. Strained shoulders cause pain in the area, cramping in fingers, tennis elbow syndrome, headaches, etc. Pain indicates excessively strained muscles, muscle stiffness, and reminds us to do something to solve the problem.

Honey oil massage with honeycomb
30 min

Honey has already been widely used for 2500 years. In Estonia, beekeeping started in prehistoric times. Already ancient Estonians knew of the beneficial qualities of honey. This golden gift of nature has been used as a health-strengthening substance and an extender of active life in addition to softening the skin. Honey oil massage with honey comb is a partial body massage, where are used the techniques derived from ancient Estonian massage.

Classical massage
30 min

The goal of the classical massage is to therapeutically affect muscles, blood supply, and lymphatic circulation. In the course of the massage, stiff muscles relax and skin becomes elastic and tight. Massage is a wonderful way to eliminate exhaustion, restore metabolic processes in the body, improve muscle tone, create a feeling of lightness, burn fat, improve joints, breathing, and the nervous system.

Refreshing foot treatment
30 min

The foot treatment provides refreshment and comfort to tired feet.

In the course of the pedicure session, feet are first exfoliated with a baking soda, sea salt and nettle scrub. The combination of sea salt and baking soda has a deep cleansing, antibacterial and exfoliating effect, while the nettle herb boosts your mood, immune system and vitality. After the scrub, feet and lower legs are massaged up to the knees and given a peppermint massage mask. The refreshing mask is both relaxing and energizing and, as a result, your feet feel exceptionally light and fresh.

Beeswax hand treatment with shoulder massage
30 min

Beeswax absorbs through skin in warmth and expedites blood and lymphatic circulation, which transport stagnant liquids out of the body while repairing cracks in the skin at the same time. Linseed oil has a deeply moisturizing effect, which is especially beneficial for easily drying hands. Honey’s sweet scent calms and brings sunshine to the senses.

The treatment begins with a handwash up to elbows with calendula soap. Then, hands are wrapped in beeswax paraffin, and woolen mittens are put on. During the wrap, a shoulder massage is given over clothes. Finally, a slight hand massage with the remaining linseed oil is given.

Neem tree healing scalp treatment
30 min

Neem and coconut oil scalp treatment stimulates blood circulation, and hair growth in the scalp, at the same time being pleasantly relaxing. Coconut oil strengthens the hair shaft and helps to prevent loss of protein in hair. Neem oil has a therapeutic effect on the scalp and stimulates hair growth. Special Indian massage also includes neck and décolletage besides the scalp. A large amount of aromatic oil is used during the massage.

Sundari beautiful eyes treatment
30 min

Luxurious treatment that nourishes and pampers the eye area. The special massage technique developed by Sundãri relaxes and stimulates the delicate eye area, reducing swelling and fatigue. Ideally suited to be added to your preferred facial treatment. Highly effective eye serum with Gotu Kola and Boswellia extract is used in the eye treatment.

Peat and honey body treatment
30 min

Honey has been widely used and highly regarded for 2500 years. In Estonia, beekeeping started in prehistoric times. During the peat and honey body treatment, the body is covered with a peat and honey wrap. Peat eliminates toxins from the body. Honey refreshes and heals by transporting peat more deeply into the skin surface. That makes the wrap an efficient remedy against cellulite. Peat mask speeds up metabolism so much that with one treatment weight drops by 300 grams. Additionally, the body wrap improves blood circulation and enriches the body with beneficial bioactive compound, making the skin silky and soft. The body wrap also has a discernible relaxing effect, and, after the treatment, sleep is especially good.

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