Saunas and pools in Estonia Spa Termid

If you’re raised on saunas, you can never be weaned from them!

The sauna holds a well-earned and unwavering place in Estonian culture. Throughout the ages it has meant so much more than simply scouring yourself clean. It is somewhere you set the world to rights and ponder what life has thrown at you. The curative effects of the sauna have long been known, and today it is both a relaxing and beneficial resource in countering health problems. What is most important is that saunas and water procedures boost your physical and emotional well-being, free you from the stress of everyday life, help you unwind and restore your energy levels.

TermidFinnish sauna

The air in Finnish sauna is hot and dry – the temperature can rise as high as 95°C. The log-lined walls and split-level benches form the perfect environment for you to enjoy these high temperatures. The heat emanates from hot stones – water is poured onto them, creating steam, which briefly humidifies the air.

The Finnish sauna will make you sweat – a lot – and the hot air makes the time you spend in the sauna both relaxing and enjoyable. The true sauna effect is only achieved by alternating between hot and cold – after every sauna session you should cool off under (or in) cold water. You can refresh yourself under the showers in front of the sauna, and why not follow it up with a dip in the pool?

Steam bath spa2

In Turkey, steam saunas (known as hamams) have existed for thousands of years, which is why they are commonly called Turkish saunas. Estonia Medical Spa`s Turkish sauna complex or hamam features two steam saunas at temperature about 45°C.

A steam sauna is a veritable fountain of youth, since its effects on the body are health-giving, restorative and relaxing.The saunas are fitted with steam faucets, from which steam is emitted at temperatures close to the boiling point of water. That’s why the steam saunas are always a foggy haze of hot air. Due to the high humidity levels and heat, steam baths are very effective with such ailments as bronchial asthma, bronchitis, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, coughing and joint pain.

Steam also cleanses the skin – the largest organ in the human body. It is the simplest way of ridding the body of any built-up toxins, since they are expelled when the pores and sweat glands open up under the influence of the steam. As both circulation and the metabolism accelerate, the texture, elasticity, tone and colour of your skin improve.

Jacuzzi Termid

In our cosy round Jacuzzi, which has room for seven people and where the water is a constant 31-34°C, sit back and let cool (20°C) cascading water massage you from the massage jets.

The Jacuzzi is designed to relieve muscular aches and pains and simply as a pleasant way to pass the time. It is a great place to relax and refresh the body with cool water after a hot sauna session.

Japanese bath Termid

Japanese sauna culture is connected to much more than simply a love of keeping clean. Public baths in Japan, known as sento, form an inseparable part of everyday life in the country. It is a relaxing ritual which is enjoyed with friends and neighbours. The baths are not merely a place for the Japanese to get clean – it is a place for them to also cleanse their souls.

Spa Estonia’s sento is located in a separate room furnished with comfortable banana lounges. Here you will find salt and steam saunas, and of course the Japanese bath itself, with showers. Up to 10 people at a time can enjoy the 42°C water in the bath. It is designed for total relaxation even in our cold northern climate. The wonderful warmth that remains in your body for some time after you leave the bath produces a pleasant feeling of lethargy. The Japanese bath is recommended for you after you have been in the salt sauna. You should spend a maximum of 20 minutes in the bath.

Enjoy the exotic and sensual sento and feel the harmony within!

Salt sauna

It is recommended that you visit the salt sauna after you have been to the steam or Finnish saunas. In the salt sauna natural sea salt is rubbed into the body with massage movements. We suggest that you keep the salt on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes and then clean yourself off under the showers. Spa Estonia’s salt sauna is slightly warmer than the average salt sauna (70°C). After your salt sauna it is a good idea to relax in the Jacuzzi or Japanese bath.

Salt is a renowned folk medicine due to its exceptional health-giving properties. Rubbing salt into your skin during a sauna session works like an exfoliating treatment – when you come out of the sauna and wash it off, your skin will feel silky smooth. Inhaling salty air gives a boost to the respiratory system, too. Rubbing with salt removes dead skin cells and at the same time improves the skin’s blood circulation and reduces oedema. The salt sauna is not recommended for people with skin injuries.

The salt sauna is the gentlest type of sauna. It has a refreshing effect and alleviates the effects of respiratory illnesses.

Pools Termid

At Spa Estonia there are pools to meet all tastes. The largest is a 1.5 metre deep warm water pool (up to 31°C) designed primarily for relaxing swimming and simply relaxation rather than true sport. There are a further two smaller pools in the same hall – one with massage grottos, water jets and cascades, and a small Jacuzzi pool with back massage seats where the water is a constant 34°C.

The warm water (31°C) children’s pool, designed for the youngest members of the family, has attractive features including an air pillow and water mushroom. 45 centimetres deep, it is perfect for the little ones to have fun in. The banana lounges next to the pool make a great place for parents to relax after a sauna and keep an eye on their kids.

True sauna pleasure awaits you in Spa Estonia’s sauna and pool centre, where local sauna knowledge is united with Oriental wisdom to produce every possibility for water enjoyment.

Different saunas, different traditions: but most important is that all of them will cleanse both your mind and your body!

Come and enjoy the experience with your whole family!

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