9 different saunas

8 different saunas in SPA&SAUN centre

HOT spot up to 100 °C

KUUM koht

HOT spot is a traditional Finnish sauna with hot and dry air, where temperature can be as high as 100 °C. The sauna causes prolific sweating and creates an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

The true effect of the sauna exhibits itself when cold and hot phases alternate – every time in sauna should be followed by a cold shower. The sauna stimulates metabolism and helps the body to eliminate toxins.


WARM spot INFRARED ca 40 °C

Infrapuna saunSitting next to a bonfire on a chilly summer’s night you feel that the air is cold but your face is nice and warm. The INFRARED sauna is quite similar to that. Even though the temperature is low, you will sweat up to 3 times more than in a regular sauna. INFRARED light accelerates metabolism, helps clear out toxins, aids in losing weight and decreases cellulite.

Moreover, the INFRARED sauna helps to relax, increases sleep quality and raises collagen levels in the skin. A true miracle worker, right? The recommended time limit to enjoy the INFRARED sauna is approximately 20-30 minutes. We recommend drinking a lot of water before and after the sauna visit.

SMOKE sauna 70-80 °C


Traditional smoke sauna is a sauna that does not have a chimney. There is a big sauna stove, which is heated for several hours, in the sauna room. The smoke stays in the sauna room and heats the sauna in addition to the stove. When the sauna is heated up, the last smoke is let out, the room aired, and visitors can enter the room. Every smoke sauna has its own personality, which only the sauna keeper knows how to handle.

Not too long ago, all saunas in Estonia were smoke saunas. The first saunas with chimneys were built about a hundred years ago, and nowadays most of the saunas are “clean” saunas. Working smoke saunas are already a rarity in modern Estonia. Most of the smoke saunas still in use are in Southeastern Estonia, in Võrumaa and Setomaa.

There are certain truths and traditions connected to going to the smoke sauna. These traditions are passed on from generation to generation. One has to know how to heat and visit the sauna. There is no fumes or smoke in a sauna that has been heated properly, the air is light and the sauna does not burn. If you respect the sauna traditions and take time for the sauna, to the sauna assures your good health and gives you strength.
To understand why ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa SMOKE sauna differs from other saunas, you have to visit it yourself!

WHISK sauna up to 100 °C

VIHA saun

In the WHISK sauna, we offer Estonian sauna rituals to true whiskers and sauna gourmets.
Sauna is hot during the periods: Mon-Thu from 3 p.m, Fri-Sun from 10 a.m.
During sauna rituals the WHISK sauna is reserved and access to other guests is not available.

JOY sauna 36-40 °C

RÕÕMU saun

The advantage of the JOY sauna is low temperature, which allows you to enjoy the sauna for up to 20 minutes. The warm seats in the sauna are a perfect place to lay down and relax with the whole family.

Highly suggested for children to get the very first sauna experience!
This sauna is especially suitable for children, older clients, and people, who don’t appreciate high temperatures.


SALT sauna 45 °C

SOOLA saun

Salt is recognized in folk medicine for its extraordinary healing properties. Rubbing the skin with salt peels the skin and leaves it truly silky after exiting the sauna. Inhaling salty air has a healing effect on the respiratory tract.

Salt sauna is the mildest type of sauna, which has a refreshing effect and relieves problems related to respiratory diseases. We recommend visiting the SALT sauna after the STEAM sauna or the HOT spot. In the SALT sauna, skin is rubbed with sea salt. The salt is left on for 5-10 minutes, after which salt is washed off in the shower.

STEAM sauna 45 °C

AURU saun

STEAM sauna is like the fountain of youth – it has a relaxing and healing effect on the body. Due to the high level of humidity and heat, steam sauna is beneficial to many health problems like catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, cough, hoarseness, chronic rheumatic problems, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, and joint pains.

Steam also cleanses the biggest organ – the skin. It is the easiest and the most comfortable way to eliminate toxins from the body because in the steam, pores and millions of sweat glands, through which toxins are eliminated.
Due to the stimulation of blood supply and metabolism, the texture, elasticity, and complexion of the skin improve.

AROMA sauna 55-65 °C

LÕHNA saun

AROMA sauna strengthens the body with the vapors of natural essential oils which come from plants and herbs. Aroma sauna has a positive effect on the spirit, helps alleviate diseases, stimulates metabolism, and strengthens the immune system. Sauna relaxes and frees the body of tensions.

The low temperature of the sauna is also suitable for children and older visitors.


Private sauna JUNIPER club up to 100 °C

KADAKA klubi

JUNIPER club is a private sauna for private events. The juniper wall of the club sauna with its aromas creates a relaxng and enjoyable environment. A private room in by the sauna has enough room for up to 16 people. The club has a private balcony where one can cool off and prepare for another round in the sauna. The club has straight access to the pools and other saunas of the spa and sauna centre.
In addition to the sauna experience, we offer appealing refreshments from the hotel restaurant NOOT, healthy cocktails and smoothies from the spa bar and catering service to make your stay even more enjoyable. Read more

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